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We are your trusted masonry contractors Chicago, providing high-quality masonry services for several years now. Our seasoned residential masonry contractors are reliable and efficient, having skills and all the knowledge needed to guide you through successful masonry construction. To ensure that you get the results you envision, we will listen to your ideas and walk you through our wide selection of quality materials that fit your needs. We also provide top-quality commercial masonry in Chicago, building restoration, tuckpointing, and many more.

With the years behind us, we have experienced handling different project scale. It also allows us to understand the needs of our customers and provide effective solutions for them. We specialize in bringing success to big projects, and we mostly provide residential and commercial services. If you require experts who you can rely on, we are here for you.

When it comes to tuck pointing, our professional tuckpointing contractors only involve high-grade materials to ensure that you can enjoy sturdy brick walls for years. We also offer commercial tuckpointing and other services that you need. To achieve the best results, allow us to be your number one masonry and tuckpointing company today.

KMA – Tuckpointing, Masonry Chicago
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Tuckpointing, Masonry Restoration Residential & Commercial


TUCKPOINTING Contractors Chicago

For high-quality tuckpointing, we are the most trusted tuckpointing contractors you can rely on. Our experience in handling big and small tuck pointing projects allows us to provide long-lasting solutions for you.
We specialize in all kinds of residential and commercial tuckpointing. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is the most important goal to achieve. If tuckpointing brick is done properly, you will be able to enjoy a sturdy brick wall for so many years to come.
If you are planning to get stronger mortar joints, you can tell us your ideas, and we will also share ours. Our experts know what to do when it comes to this particular kind of enhancement, and they know which materials are best to use and which ones are not. We will guide you from planning up to the finishing touches of the project. We desire to help you get the results you want to achieve.

Building RESTORATION Chicago

As professionals, we provide only the finest building restoration service for our customers. We are very passionate about our goal of bringing back the beauty of any kind of establishment and return its glory. Among the services we offer is residential and commercial building restoration. We help people to enhance the look and functionality of their existing commercial buildings. We make every space more personalized for their needs.
Our experts have years of experience in restoring different kinds of establishments. For this reason, they can provide you new insights to turn every project in a way that can meet your needs. All of our crew are well-trained and have the skills needed to deliver the results you envision. Trust us to do your restoration needs, and we will surprise you with our on-time delivery and top-notch results. Ask us today to get low-cost restoration projects.



Masonry restoration is a very important aspect for every building, especially if the place was established many years ago. After years of being exposed to the harshest weather conditions, the brick walls in your home might start wearing off. When this happens, you will need the right people who you can trust with masonry construction or masonry repair. Good thing that we provide these kinds of services for a very affordable price and with consistently excellent quality results.
You can rely on our best residential masonry contractors. We make sure to provide the highest quality masonry that can protect you and your family from pollutants, ground movement, moisture, and many more.
Allow us to listen to your needs, and we will provide you with a solution that can make your home strong and beautiful. Ask us to inspect your place to see if you need our expert service. It can help you avoid expensive projects in the future.


We have highly skilled professionals who do historic preservation for many years now. Some of our projects include church restoration and historic restoration among others. We believe that preserving the beauty of old establishments helps the community to remember the significant happenings in the past. What we do is not just simply restoration, we bring back the place where people used to see.
With our years of providing service in the community, preserving historic buildings gives us great satisfaction. For this reason, we are striving to constantly improve our skills in order to deliver the best results.
Allow us to give a fresh touch to the place you care about. We deliver on time, we work efficiently, but with the highest quality that won’t change a historic place’s beauty. Our goal is to make it stronger and allow it to remain standing for many years to come.


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KMA Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago - Why Choose our Masonry Contractors in Chicago

Experienced Masonry Contractors

With our years of providing top of the line services, our masonry contractors have been recognized as the one of the most professional contractors in Chicago. We make sure to deliver only the best results in every project we handle that allows us to gain the trust of the people we serve.

Dream Brick House

We take pleasure in turning your dreams into a reality. Our residential masonry contractors will make perfect masonry restoration.

Experienced Masonry & Tuckpointing Workers

The years behind us allows our masonry contractors to gain essential experience and skills in building restoration, tuckpointing, and many more. For this reason, we are capable of exceeding your expectations with our on-time delivery.

Your Trusted and Reliable Commercial & Residential Masonry Contractors Chicago

When it comes to your masonry needs in Chicago, our company is here to help you. We have been providing years of outstanding services to our customers. Our masonry contractors in Chicago only provide the highest quality of work in each project that we accept. We make sure that we are efficient and reliable. Our contractors have the skills and knowledge to ensure that you will get the best result possible for your residential and commercial space. We only use the highest quality of materials to make certain that your home or commercial space will be beautiful and will last for years!

KMA Tuckpointing & Masonry Restoration Chicago - What our customers say?

We needed masonry contractors who can take on big commercial masonry projects, so we asked your company for help. Your customer service is fast to respond, and we are satisfied with the quality of your commercial masonry. Highly Recommended!

Tom Jones

One day, I realized that my brick wall is starting to wear off, so I asked companies providing high-quality masonry in our area. Your residential masonry contractors are the fastest to respond, and they work fast and very efficient.

Charlie Brown

These tuckpointing contractors are effective with their work. They provide high-quality tuckpointing that lasts for years. Today, my brick wall still looks sturdy after hiring them to do it years ago.

Susan Owson

I got my latest masonry repair with these reliable masonry contractors. Aside from delivering exemplary results with their top of the line service, they also provide a reasonable quote that fits my budget.

Jacob Padalecki

These masonry contractors are expert when it comes to a big project scale. My boss asked me to hire contractors who can deliver on-time masonry construction, and I am glad I chose them.

Lukas Garrowski